To take care of income in a creative way

An education centre cannot stand financially only on its own.

Therefore from the foundation of INTI SISA they looked for an income of their own.

Former student of the cut and sew workshop were also taught how to make bags and small bags, money purses and pen purses, and even curtains. These products are sold for the benefit of INTI SISA, and the women who do the work are also getting something.

The musicians of the workshop for indigenous music collaborated for the production of the CD Sonidos del Ecuador.

Former volunteer Mario Vandeneede had been trained as a chocolate maker and taught the staff how to make chocolate. The bars they are selling now are filled with indigenous fruit.




rood tasje

Big shoulder bag: € 20
Small bag: € 12
Pen purse: € 6
Toilet bag: € 12
Laptop bag : € 20

Blauw tasje
  Muzikanten CD Sonidos del Ecuador: € 10

Original post cards with images of the different regions of Ecuador:

11 cards for € 10

Chocoladerepen   Chocolade maken

CDs and post cards can be obtained through via Inti Sisa Bélgica.

The products of craftsmanship can be ordered in Guamote:

Chocolate can (temporarily) only be obtained on the spot.