The adventure continues

INTI SISA exists for nearly 15 years. Thanks to the sustained efforts and the support of many people in the North and in the South.

We thank many people, groups, organisations, parishes and schools who contributed each one his or her small stone in order to allow INTI SISA to continue to exist and to grow.

But we still need some help - people, means and money.

INTI SISA continues to dream and to elaborate projects: new workshops, projects for children and for teachers.

The district Guamote is forcefully growing, but many inhabitants can usefully receive help through INTI SISA in order to realise their life dreams.


















Thanks to

IS The enthusiastic support group of Inti Sisa Bélgica: Greta and Philip, Manu, Arnoud, Liesbet and Laus.
IS Our volunteers and their supporters.
IS ALL GREAT HEARTS who, for years now, regularly put an envelope in our box, with a personal contribution: the yield of a marriage or a birthday feast, anniversaries feasts, concerts and performances…
IS Our faithful supporters, especially our Silver and Golden Membership members.
IS And many schools, parishes, associations and enterprises:
Onze-Lieve-Vrouwecollege sJ
- Iberia
- Imelda Instituut
- St.-Jan Berchmanscollege, Humaniora
- St.-Jan Berchmanscollege, Lagere school 
- Maria Boodschap, Lagere School
- Maria Boodschap, Lyceum
- Scheutplaneet (Lagere School)
- Missieprocuur (Hubeje) - Jezuïeten
- 100 x 100 - ploeg Duisburg
- Familie De Groot, Duisburg
- Zusters Van Liefde, Duisburg
- Chiro, Lot
- Babbellot, Lot
- Gemeentebestuur Beersel
- Parochies Lot en Buizingen
- Parochies Ten Broek - De Hoek - Beersel
- De Wonderwijzer, Drogenbos
- Jezuïeten, Heverlee
- De Cooktales, Lot
- Parochie, Wijgmaal
- Theo Mertens, Le Renard Bleu, Nethen
- De eik, Lennik
- Lagere school H.Hart & College, Halle
- Jo Baert, Ternat
- José y "sus tistos", Winksele
- Vriendengroep, Gooik
- Intrion, Industrial automation, Huizingen
- Studenten Medica, Leuven
- Stichting Ommersteyn, Emiel y Gertie
- Staf & Bouwgroep Technische Scholen Limburg
- Vandersanden Group, Spouwen-Bilzen
- Luc Spanhove, Sleidinge
- Vrije Basisschool Mozaïek, Astene
- BuSO 'De Kouter', Kortrijk 
- Expeditie Ecuador, Loes Vandenbussche
- Harmonie L'Echo des Montagnes, Tilburg
- Basisschool Stelaertshoeve, Tilburg
- Werkgroep Boys Home, Boxtel
- Parochie Heikant-Quirijnstok, Tilburg
- Fraters van Tilburg, Tilburg
- De Schrobbelers, Tilburg
- Gemeente Kudelstaart
- Lions Club, Luxemburg
- Rabo Bank
- Sunflower Foundation
- Susanne Grotti (Übersetzungsbüro), Heike Vay und Freunde