A guesthouse is attached to the training centre to promote cultural interaction.

The income frm this Guest House or posada provides the means for the Education Centre to continue operating year after year.

Ecole TravelSince January 2013 our partner ‘Ecole Travel’ has been in charge of the guest house and the activities it organizes for tourists
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Inti Sisa

High up in the Andes,
in the shadow of the Chimborazo,
at the centre of Ecuador,
between the coast and the rainforest,
in the small town of Guamote,
you will find Inti Sisa,
an education and training centre
for the whole population of the area,
- the first habitants of the land -
and mestizos
- who traditionally live in towns.


Inti Sisa is a kichwa name.
Inti means sun
and Sisa, flower.
Thus Inti Sisa means Sunflower.

The aim of Inti Sisa
is to create opportunities,
by offering workshops,
both in the town centre of Guamote
and in indigenous communities.
These workshops provide
high quality education
at low cost.

Inti Sisa is part of the “development plan”
of the Canton of Guamote.