The adventure continues

INTI SISA exists for nearly 15 years. Thanks to the sustained efforts and the support of many people in the North and in the South.

We thank many people, groups, organisations, parishes and schools who contributed each one his or her small stone in order to allow INTI SISA to continue to exist and to grow.

But we still need some help - people, means and money.

INTI SISA continues to dream and to elaborate projects: new workshops, projects for children and for teachers.

The district Guamote is forcefully growing, but many inhabitants can usefully receive help through INTI SISA in order to realise their life dreams.






Cefodi, Esmeraldas

is a cooperation for formation and integral development of families and small agricultural producers in the Esmeraldas province, They aim at improving production and access to the market, with an eye on agro-ecology.

Ecole Travel

Ecole Travel
Ecole Travel

Is an experienced and professional Netherlands travel agency, established in Quito. Lydia & Wytze did open their doors in the year 2000 and have provided an unforgettable holiday to many thousands of Dutchmen and women and to foreigners. They prepare the whole journey for you according to your wish and, evidently, to the amount of money you will spend. They are proud of living in a incredibly nice country and to be able to show you a small part of it. As nobody else, they are able to find the nicest places and they love to include these in the journey they compose for you.

Besides their travel agency they have an own Spanish school, Ecole Idiomas, where they inform you with pleasure about lectures of Spanish, voluntary work and supervision of practical training.

They are also in charge of the Inti Sisa guest house in Guamote.

Hankuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, Archidona

Hosteria - Cabañas Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is situated in Archidona, at roughly 10 km of Tena, the capital of the Napo province.

Hakuna Matata is situated on an altitude of 900 m, at the bank of the crystal-clear Inchillaqui River.

There are the Cabañas Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Lodge and Hakuna Supreme. They offer different private rooms with a warm shower and toilet. There is a swimming pool, a hot water source, deck chairs, a relaxation place with hammock and massage bench.

Hakuna Matata collaborates with several communities in the region.

Sunflower Foundation
Sunflower, Australia
The Sunflower Foundation

This Australian organisation was created in 2008 as ‘Education for Ecuador’ with the intention to support the training of indigenous women via Inti Sisa in Guamote. In 2010 they changed the name into ‘Sunflower Foundation’ and they support also other projects.


Tapori, Pomasqui

This project  was started by the Flemish doctor Inge Debrouwere, in the steadily growing city of Pomasqui, North of Quito, nearby the “Mitad del mundo”.

The name Tapori comes from India. They give it to street children, who, without grip on anything, take their destiny into their own hands in solidarity with one another.

Inge’s Tapori Project could be compared initially with a consultation bureau of the Belgian Child and Family, but it grew progressively and became a health centre tackling also poverty problems and care for children with a handicap. It aims at fourth world families in the third world.

At present the Tapori project consists of four branches:

  1. A medico-social branch
  2. Care for people with a handicap: rehabilitation centre (pedagogy - psychology - speech therapy - physiotherapy - early accompaniment).
  3. An education branch (library - night school)
  4. A micro activity (healthy food products - artisanal paper)

A super project, worth visiting. Respect for Inge!



ViaVia, Tonsupa
ViaVia, Tonsupa

Viavia journey pubs are meeting places for world travellers. They are crossroads between East and West, North and South.

ViaVia Tonsupa is situated near Atacames on the coast of the Esmeraldas province and is managed by Guido Van Moll.