The adventure continues

INTI SISA exists for nearly 15 years. Thanks to the sustained efforts and the support of many people in the North and in the South.

We thank many people, groups, organisations, parishes and schools who contributed each one his or her small stone in order to allow INTI SISA to continue to exist and to grow.

But we still need some help - people, means and money.

INTI SISA continues to dream and to elaborate projects: new workshops, projects for children and for teachers.

The district Guamote is forcefully growing, but many inhabitants can usefully receive help through INTI SISA in order to realise their life dreams.





Support us please

Do you want to help Inti Sisa ?

That can a.o. through a payment on the bank account of Inti Sisa Belgica, at 1651 Lot:
IBAN: BE71 8508 3021 0769

If you desire a fiscal certificate

(for payments from 40 €) you can do it through payments on the bank account of Hubeje, Koninginnelaan 141, 1030 Brussels, mentioning 'Ecuador, nr 711'
IBAN: BE43 4352 0990 0101

Become member of INTI SISA BELGICA
   and continue to support INTI SISA

Miembro de plate

For 5 €/month you will receive a membership card 'miembro de plata' (silver membership) and
- an invitation for the General INTI SISA Belgica Meeting
- a free night stay in the INTI SISA guesthouse
- a free guided visit of an indigenous community
- a three monthly newsletter

Miembro de plate

For 10 €/month you will receive a membership card 'miembro de oro' (golden member) with all the afore mentioned advantages and 2 free nights in Inti Sisa.

Make your choice and give a permanent order to your bank to pay a fixed sum to one of the two bank accounts above

If you will, pay directly on the bank account of INTI SISA in Guamote:

Banco Internacional,
Garcia Moreno y 10 de agosto, Riobamba
Rekening INTI SISA 300061871-2

Contact address:

Inti Sisa Bélgica en Vrienden van Shalom,
Katteputstraat 10/24, 1082 Brussel, 02/465.07.56.
E-mail: intisisa.belgica@gmail.com - huis.shalom@skynet.be