A dream

Inti Sisa has born of a dream shared by people from different cultures.

From the very beginning indigenous people, mestizos and Europeans have worked together. Our Education Centre aims to support the local education system. In the same way that an egg can stay upright on the equator, at INTI SISA we want to train people so they can always stand tall whatever the circumstances.


This collaboration has always to be realised anew and remains an assignment throughout the years.

This work of collaboration is a never-ending process which we will continue to pursue.
The large common room at Inti Sisa is named after the legendary Monsignor Proaño, Bishop of Riobamba from 1954 to 1985, who was the first church leader to take an interest in the living conditions of the indigenous people.
Inti Sisa has the greatest respect for all the different faith communities of Ecuador.



INTI SISA arose from the wishes of the population of the local population.
Its staff is mainly made up of local people, together with a few volunteers from Europe. They are all people with charisma, who put their hearts in the work they do.

Vrouwen en meisjes

INTI SISAis aimed primarily at the most vulnerable sectors of the town and the surrounding villages, in particular girls and young women, who tend to gain no training after completing primary school.

In this sense, one might say that Inti Sisa continues the work initiated by Monsignor Leonidas Proaño (1910-1988), namely:

Helping indigenous communities gain control of their land


Providing education and training by means of radio programmes such as ERPE in Riobamba

Training people to dialogue and to respect others.

INTI SISA SISA is based on some of the key principles of the indigenous cosmovision or world view, which Mgr. Proaño also strongly endorsed:


Ama llulla = kichwa for: do not be lazy (work ethic)
Based on discipline, collaboration and creativity, in order to achieve and maintain internal cohesion.

Ama killa = kichwa for: do not lie (sincerity)
A leading thread in our work. It must also be visible in our relationship with our benefactors, to justify their thrust in us.

Ama shua = kichwa for: do not steal (respect and quality)
This applies to all who work with INTI SISA. This pro-active attitude promotes continuous improvement in our work .