An experience

The climate and socio-economic conditions in the region of Guamote make for a hard life both for the local population and for our volunteers, who exchange a comfortable European lifestyle for a unique but tough experience for only one reason: their idealism and sense of justice.

Our requirements

Our volunteers are at the service of the Training Centre and work with the team of local collaborators.

Our Demands

• To be available for a minimum of one year
• To speak Spanish and English
• To have a specialism, preferably in teaching, pedagogy or social work
• To be socially involved (youth movement etc)

We can offer

- accommodation and food

  • - a multicultural


1. We work with a low budget and offer our collaborators simple facilities. Gifts and the proceeds from the guesthouse are used to support the centre.

2. Are you still interested? Send your CV and covering letter explaining your reasons to Greta Coninckx,  or to Inti Sisa Belgica

3. If we cannot offer you what you want, no problem. Do use the links to get in touch with our partners in Ecuador.


INTI SISA works permanently with volunteers from Belgium and other European countries:

Esther De Groot (1997-2006, Duisburg),
Greet Stessens (1997-1998, Rotselaar),
Manuel Coone (2000-2002, Lot),
Vrouwen en meisjes
Ewoud Desmet 2001-2002, Moorsele),
Karin Vennix (2002-2004, Tilburg NL),
Mario Vanden eede (2003, 2005 - 2006, Mechelen)
Vrouwen en meisjes
Steven Vercruysse 2003-2005, Dadizele),
Leen Hanssens (2004, Brussel),
Arnoud Festjens (2004-2006 en 2007, Leuven),
Vrouwen en meisjes
Stephanie De meulemeester (2005-06, Gent),
Jeroen Vandekerckhove (2006, Leuven),
Liesbet Hanssens (2006-2007, Brussel)
Vrouwen en meisjes
Koen Stevens (2006-2007, Leuven),
Lieve Van Espen (2007-2009, Durham),
James Garland (2007-2009, Durham),
Vrouwen en meisjes
Bruno Festjens (2009-2010, Leuven),
Eveline Vervinckt (2009-2010, Aalter),
Gijs Koopmann (2010, Houten, NL),
Vrouwen en meisjes
Laus De Boeck (2010-2011, Gooik),
Eve Gielis (2011... Oud-Turnhout),
Jaro Vandenbohede (2012, Halle),
Vrouwen en meisjes
Tom Schelstraete (2013-2015, Astene).
Hanne Gielis (2013-2014, Oud-Turnhout).
Anne Lemmens (2015-2016, Vosselaar)
Vrouwen en meisjes
Duraid Abbas (2015-2016),
Gayaneh De Coster (2016-2017, Antwerpen).
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